Throat Chakra: Center of expression, speaking your truth, purification   Sanskrit Name: Vishuddha   Seed Sound: HAM  Color: Light blue    Sense: Sound   Element: Ether    Right: To speak and to be heard Statement: I speak    Vibrational Note: G  Location: throat   Timeline: 35-42 yrs  

The fifth (throat) chakra is a calming, sky blue and located at the base of the throat. The Sanskrit name, Vishuddha means ‘to purify’. It refers the transformation of our negative experiences into learning, wisdom, and Pure Consciousness. This chakra has a masculine quality and guides us toward unity with our Higher Source and opens us to divine guidance. It is associated with the element ether, the source of matter and space in which everything happens. Ether is light and vibrational. It is characterized as a lack of resistance and is seen as the passage between the physical world and spiritual world. The throat chakra is about communication. Everything in the universe must stay in a constant state of communication to sustain life. This chakra helps us recognize the importance of purifying ourselves, by being aware of our emotions and feelings and confidently to communicating our truth. It may help to get a feel of throat chakra concepts by reviewing these words from The Sevenfold Journey:

vibration        harmony        communication        chanting        rhythm        connection        creativity        writing        sound        telepathy        singing        public speaking

The statement that embodies the throat chakra is ‘I speak’. The birthright associated with this chakra is the right to speak and be heard. Information stored within the throat chakra is; self-knowledge, truth, our attitudes, as well as the physical senses of hearing, taste, and smell. The throat chakra develops throughout life but is most strongly influenced during the ages 35 to 42 years.

A person with a balanced, healthy throat chakra is authentic, balanced, communicates clearly and truthfully. They listen well, express feelings with love and compassion, and maintain stable relationships. They are free to express creativity and are connected, guided, and inspired by their Higher Source. The throat chakra is referred to as the ‘cornucopia center’, the place of overflowing abundance. As we grow in love and acceptance, we realize the abundance we already have which attracts more abundance and good fortune. As we surrender our personal will to ‘what is’, our sense of personal power is reinforced, we overcome fears about authority, become more able to take responsibility, make wise choices, speak our truth, and keep our word.

When the throat chakra is unbalanced communication is difficult. We are also blocked from receiving clear guidance from our Higher Power. Every choice has consequences. Our poor choices may put us on a difficult path with hard lessons to learn from. Traumas that often block the throat chakra include; verbal and physical abuse, continuous yelling, addiction within the family, unhealthy criticism, ‘the silent treatment’, lying and domination. An underactive throat chakra attracts experiences of repression of thoughts and feelings. We are often fearful of speaking our truth resulting in stagnation energy. This may be seen as shyness, lack of expression, depression, indecisiveness, fears, phobias, and frequent lying. An overactive throat chakra results in poor listening skills and communication, excessive talking, negative and domineering words, over- reacting, and gossiping. One is guided by ego rather than the true self, often stubborn and opinionated, keeping people at a distance.

Throat chakra questions for self-awareness:
Do I feel free to express my truth? Do I keep thoughts and feelings bottled up inside?
Do I feel like my thoughts and feelings are important and worth sharing?
Does my posture constrict my voice? Do I communicate confidence with my body?
Do I take time to truly listen to and acknowledge others?
Do I feel connected and guided by my Higher Source or Higher Self?
Do I dominate others or feel dominated by someone?

Physical Associations: The throat chakra governs certain physical areas of the body: the throat, neck, thyroid, trachea, larynx, vertebrae, mouth, teeth, gums, esophagus, parathyroid, and hypothalamus.

Physical ailments and dysfunctions of the heart chakra include: problems with mouth, jaw, neck and shoulders, and spine. This includes; thyroid dysfunction, sore throat, laryngitis, swollen glands or tonsils, gum disease, mouth ulcers, scoliosis, voice problems, tooth problems, and TMJ. It also includes: the flu, colds, infections and allergic reactions.

Gwen Austin
Gwen Austin