Root Chakra: Foundation Center, security, groundedness Sanskrit Name: Muladhara  Seed Sound: LAM   Color: Red   Sense: Smell   Element: Earth   Rights: To be, To have Statement: ‘I am.’   Vibrational Note: C                               Location: Base of spine  Timeline: Prenatal- 1 year   

 The first (root) chakra is vibrant red and located at the base of the spine. It is the foundation of our energy system and is associated with the element earth. It is related to our survival, having our base needs met such as finances, family, and food. It has to do with our connection to our bodies and the physical realm. It represents our foundation, security, and sense of being stable, grounded and confident. It is about our relationship with our home, career, money, and financial stability. It also reflects the connection with our mother, and with Mother Earth. Get a feel of root chakra concepts by reviewing these words from The Sevenfold Journey by Anodea Judith:

Survival     Earth      Roots Home     Body      Physical plane      Discipline      Family       Grounding       Matter       Foundation         Stillness

The statement that embodies the root chakra is “I am.” Birthrights of the first chakra are; ‘the right to be here’ and ‘the right to have what we need to live’ (food, shelter, clothing, etc). The root chakra develops throughout life but is most strongly influenced during the first year of life and prenatally. Information that is stored inside the root chakra includes; cultural and familial beliefs, social order, superstitions, loyalties, survival instincts, trust issues, physical pleasure and pain, beliefs about money and prosperity.

A person with a balanced, healthy root chakra is grounded, connected to earth and the physical body. At the same time, there is also a deep connection to the expansiveness of spirit and sky. One feels able to manifest desires, making things happen to create stability in the physical world. Trust and security in life and in the self is evident in high self-esteem and confidence. One is able to feel deserving when receiving gifts and material gains without shame or guilt. A healthy root chakra brings about overall health, prosperity, stability, security, strength, and confidence. With it comes as aspect of innocence, and ability to experience childlike wonderment and joy without being limited by judgmental conditioning.

When the root chakra is unbalanced we may experience emotional disharmony. We can feel ungrounded, easily confused, and unable to move forward. We don’t feel comfortable in situations. When this chakra is under-active, we may feel like we do not belong, that we are unwelcome. We may unnecessarily distrust people and tend towards worry, fearfulness and nervousness. Feeling intimidated and unable to cope, one can become withdrawn, creating distance from others. An over-active root chakra is often accompanied by a dominating ego. One may have tendencies toward materialism, greed, and hyper vigilance, preoccupation with money and security, and inability to deal with change.

Root chakra questions for self-awareness:
Do I feel safe? Where do I feel safe? What makes me feel safe and secure?
Do have a sense of belonging? Am I connected to family? Do I feel loved?
Do I trust in the process of life? What keeps me grounded? Are my needs being met?
Do I care for my physical body as it supports me on the earth?
Am I creating a solid and powerful life experience? What nurtures me?
Do I feel a deep connection with nature and the Earth?

Physical Associations: The root chakra is the center of physical energy. It governs certain physical areas of the body: the skeletal system (particularly the spine), immune, reproductive, and elimination systems (including kidneys and bladder). It also affects our lower extremities (hips, legs, knees, ankles, feet). The nose (sense of smell) is included here due to its association with survival. The adrenals are the endocrine glands associated with the root chakra and are responsible for our instinctive fight or flight response, necessary for self-preservation.

All physical ailments and dysfunctions have a root chakra component to some degree. The following issues have higher componenents of root chakra imbalance: osteoarthritis and other bone and spinal disorders, arthritis, auto-immune diseases (including cancer and AIDS), anorexia, obesity, chronic fatigue, kidney issues, intestinal and elimination disorders, reproductive problems, any issues relating to the lower extremities (hips, legs, knees, ankles, feet).

Gwen Austin
Gwen Austin