May you hear and speak truth. May your life and your creations express the fullness of who you are. May you know ever deeper levels of truth.” ~Author Unknown

There are many ways to energize and bring balance to the throat chakra. Here are some suggestions:

Use Your Voice: speak, read poetry aloud, have meaningful conversations (speak your truth). Sing anything with expression, energy and emotion. Try music lessons to exercise your vocal cords. Try chanting mantras.

Journaling: Explore your thoughts and beliefs. Write about your daily experiences, and then read them out loud to yourself. What would you have done differently and what have you learned?

Speak the truth with love: Stand firm in your own beliefs when confronted by those with opposing views. Don’t allow others to talk you into doing things you know in your heart are not right for you.
Do this in a loving, non-argumentative manner.

Trust your inner voice: Let your inner voice guide your tough decisions rather than people. Take time to look at your motivation, being sure to make decisions from a place of love.

Connect Spiritually: Embrace your spirituality. Spend time in meditation or what ever makes you feel more spiritually connected. Seek guidance from your Higher Source. Attend spiritual events.

Nutrition to fuel the throat chakra: Drink water, fruit juice, and herbal teas and eat soups, sauces that lubricate the mouth and throat. Eat fruits (which are high in water content) or tart fruits such as lemon, lime, and grapefruit. Try juicing fruits with vegetables. And always try to eat high quality foods that are good for your body.

Incorporate the color blue: Spend time outside in nature under sunny, blue skies. Light blue candles, wear blue clothing or gems, and eat blueberries.

Neck Exercises…

 Loosen and stretch the neck muscles (video below).

Yoga postures…

 The video below  ishows how to do Lion Pose, which may seem silly but is an excellent way to release tension and balance the throat chakra.

Breathing Practices…

 Below are two breathing exercises that are great for the throat chakra. On the left is the Ujjayi (ocean) breath that can be done any time throughout yoga or meditation practice. On the right is Bhramari (Bee Breath) which is a calming, humming meditation practice in itself.

Mudra for meditation…

This mudra is thought to increase the space (ether) inside you. It activates our own inner teacher (divine self). It changes our perspective and widens our views in order to understand life better. This also helps to clear the throat. It diminishes negative emotions and stimulates noble, positive thoughts and emotions. It aids in deepening meditation practice. It encourages the development of intuition and ESP. Touch the thumb and middle fingers together at the tips and loosely extend the other fingers.


 Below are two different meditation aids. The left is a guided meditation and the right is toning with a singing bowl to balance the throat chakra. Inhale and exhale deeply and visualize whirling ball of brilliant blue light pulsing with energy in this center. See your throat chakra being clear, vibrantly alive and healthy.

Essential oils…

The following oils are thought to help bring balance to the throat chakra: Frankincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Spikenard, Petitgrain, Ledum, Lavender, Geranium, Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Helichrysum, Ylang ylang, and blue chamomile. ‘Valor’, a mixture from Young Living is said to support confidence and open expression, and it is also blue in color. Peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemon also help one clearly focus and when we have clear focus we can speak and communicate with confidence and truth.


Crystals are thought to have healing energies. Try keeping a stone with you, where you can see it or use them for meditation. The following are thought to help energize and balance the throat chakra: Apatite (open, energize), Aqua Aura (activate and balance), Blue Lace Agate (balance), Blue Tiger Eye (calm), Turquoise (stimulate and balance), Blue Kyanite (open), Blue Calcite (clear), Aquamarine (clear, energize), Angelite (heal, clear), Lapis Lazuli (open, energize, balancing), Sodalite (stimulate)

Try Daily Affirmations to Balance the Throat Chakra:
I fearlessly, honestly, and clearly express my truth.
I support my voice and believe in my right to speak my truth.
I express my truth easily with respect, and confidence.
I trust in my inner knowledge and look within to make important choices.
I express myself creatively in various ways.
I listen well to others and allow them to feel heard.
I am spiritually connected and look to my Higher Source.

Try a Reiki or Energy Healing: You would be surprised how cleansing, calming and balancing it can be. During a balancing session, a practitioner can assess and help get your energy cleared and flowing.

Gwen Austin
Gwen Austin