“Beth is a continuous and reliable source of light and peace in everything she does. Always giving more of herself than the task demands and her clients show her the unwavering loyalty she deserves.” Betsy Gage

 “Beth is a great yoga instructor! She blends sound yoga practices with a perfect portion of spirituality and the result is always exactly what my body, mind and spirit needs! I leave her class with a smile that lasts all day.” Stacey Francis

 “Beth has a wonderful delivery of her practice, flow and energy to share. Her warm personality and happy outlook is contagious and I always leave her looking forward to more.” Kay Corbin-Riddle

 Laura V.I became a fan of yoga in January 2014, thanks to the encouragement of my beloved yoga teacher, Beth Beard. She encouraged me to “give it a try”. As a busy executive and adjunct professor, I barely had time to focus on myself. Self care weren’t words in my vocabulary. read more

And yet, I came to a class. I drive 35 miles one way to get to class every week and I’m a total devotee. I love Beth’s down to earth, supportive, yet challenging teaching style as well as the camaraderie with fellow classmates, no matter who comes each night. My flexibility, strength and balance have noticeably improved. And my ability to relax NOW exists! Namaste! Laura Viehmyer

AmandaBeth’s heart truly shines through in her classes. She blends a perfect amount of humor and “sass” into a practice. From her thoughtful words at the start of class until her healing assists in savasana, Beth’s voice and knowledge guides students through a joyful experience. I have been blessed in mind, body, and spirit to know Beth as my uniquely talented teacher. ~Amanda Evans oddsandevans.com (a website about motherhood and chemical free living) 

katherynAs a first time yoga student, I was absolutely terrified to attend a yoga class due to my being so out of shape and being the type of person who has zero athletic ability. Once I was able to nudge myself out of the door, I was hooked. Here you can learn without judgement and poses are modified for those who have difficulties. read more

There are students with varying abilities and we all are able to learn and enjoy the experience. The location, itself, is beautiful and serene and takes you away from all the noise and distraction of the outside world. I actually look forward to beginning my week with the serenity and calmness that yoga provides, something I thought I would never say. ~ Kathy Robarge 

gayleI was searching for a new yoga teacher after my teacher moved away. I found Beth at Dublin Roasters Coffee! Her classes help me with finding a balance in daily life, and I work at living in the moment more. I had gone through some loss in life, and worry from the past and anxiety for the future really took over my focus for a while.        read more

Beth’s class is always a joy, and positive. I am learning what self care really means, and it helps everyone around me. Classes are as gentle or as challenging as you decide to make them for yourself. Kind students are just attracted to Beth, so your classmates are awesome. I have been introduced to the Chakras, singing bowls, candles, long restorative poses over bolsters and blankets, guided imagery, burning sage, Reiki, and warm towels at the end of some classes! I guess it may not be very fine yoga vocabulary to say your yoga instructor rocks, but you just do Beth! ~ Gayle Sollie Jackson 

Mary2To say by definition, that the practice of Yoga is a blending of Mind, Body and Spirit is true, but to actually feel the three components of Yoga coalesce, is to be actively practicing Yoga with Beth.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I signed up. I generally dislike organized exercise classes because in the past, I’ve left feeling worse than when I arrived. read more

In a few words, I had felt defeated, deflated and generally mentally and physically exhausted.

From the moment I stepped into the Yoga studio, I felt awash with hope, energy and acceptance. I actually wanted to exercise and be part of the happy yoga classes. Beth shares so much of her love and peace with the students that you look forward to receiving that blessing in every class. As if that were not enough, my mind and body became alert, strong and ready to take on new challenges, and let go of old baggage. It has been life altering; cathartic even.

Beth does not just teach Yoga, she lives it and shares it. If ever you have the change to receive a Beth hug, don’t pass it up. You’ll feel warm from the inside out!

Simply put, Beth is an amazing person, and even more amazing Yoga instructor sharing that wonder and joy of Yoga with each and everyone that graces the studio. Make one commitment this year, and do something wonderfully life altering for yourself…..get to know Beth, you’ll be sooooo glad you did!

Namaste, Mary Ratchford

I started to seek out a yoga class to strengthen my core and help with lower back pain. With Beth’s encouragement I have been practicing for about 4 months. Beth’s personality is kind, loving, funny, smart and spiritual. She teaches a class that is accessible to everyone from beginners to advanced yogis. Her enthusiasm for yoga, teaching and her students really shines through her teaching style that centers and calms me while also challenging to my body. I love my Tuesday night class! ~Meg Dine

I started my yoga experience about a year ago. I cannot thank Beth and the Retreat for making such a positive difference in my life. As a “newbie” I immediately felt welcome and comfortable as I learned.

I came in rather skeptical, we live in such a fast paced area, I didn’t think I possibly had an hour to spare. I now make sure I drop everything and take time to practice.     read more

Beth, Betsy and all the Retreat instructors have shown me how wonderful and important it is to take time for myself. The experience has made an impact both physically and mentally. I use much of what we learn and discuss at practice in my daily routine.

I am delighted to say, I can’t imagine life without yoga. I am thankful for the caring, thoughtfulness and patience I encounter at practice. I am truly fortunate to have found the best group to practice with. Thank you for opening my eyes, mind and body to an amazing experience!

Namaste! Kerriann

“I have taken yoga classes with Beth as the instructor. She is a wonderful instructor. Kind, compassionate and very knowledgeable. I would and do recommend her.” Ippy Simmons