About Me

12347867_10153500756943302_3904486462951224557_nI am Elizabeth Beard, founder of Joy Thru Yoga. I am certified in Yoga Therapy (500RYT) and Reiki Master. I have studied yoga and various holistic modalities for many years. Meditation, guided imagery, and affirmations are a key part of my work. I see myself as a perpetual student, always learning and wanting to grow.

Through the years I studied and practiced yoga. I found yoga to be good for my body and my mind. As time went on I found that it opened me up in a spiritual sense where I had been previously closed. When we practice yoga, we have to stop, pay attention, and breathe. The mind slows down enough to rise above the chaos and see things from a deeper perspective.

Being overweight and almost 50, I never really considered being a yoga teacher. As time passed, my confidence grew, and so did my desire to share yoga and other holistic arts with others. I am in an exciting time in my life. I can actually say I love my life. I am thankful for my ups and downs, my mistakes and my imperfections as well as my positive qualities. Together, it all makes me unique. I feel like people can relate to me because I am who I am- not a perfect person, not a perfect body- just someone who has a deep appreciation for the benefits that yoga brings to us all. I had to let go of what I thought a yoga teacher should be like and look like, in order to just be who I am. I truly have found a peace that surpasses all understanding… it was in my heart all along. So here I am, teaching yoga and loving it! Please join me on a journey of self discovery.

Beth Beard, grandmaAdded note: I am now a grandma yogi! Having a grandson is awesome! It has increased my focus for yoga with infants and children. I really believe that the benefits of yoga, including the philosophy of unity with all people and all things is essential for raising children. I hope to bring more focus in this area as I grow in knowledge. In the meantime please check out my pinterest boards. I have one full of information called ‘Yoga and Nurturing Children’. Namaste.