Yoga is A Mirror


“The practice of yoga postures is a mirror for the practice of life, so over time you will find yourself more confident in situations off the mat,” Carol Rossi 

As we become mindful of our reactions in our practice, we notice how it correlates to life outside the studio. There are days that I’ll be in class and find focus in a balancing pose, close my eyes and feel as if I could stand in stillness for hours; then there are still the rare times when judgment creeps in after wobbling back and forth- when I convince myself I’m setting a bad example for my students. If I look back at my morning, maybe I’d had an argument with my teenager, and I’m convinced I acted like a bad parent- see where this is going? 

The difference between what happens immediately after either judgement? I now recognize it and turn it around to a positive statement. “I love when my students experience me as a student- they get to see that even after 15 years of practice, nothing is ever perfect.” “I know that I’m an awesome mom, and one misplaced comment doesn’t put me in the running for worst mom of the year.”

Just as we develop flexibility in the body, we’re able to do the same in the mind. Our old stories and habits don’t seem relevant anymore; the beliefs we held about ourselves and the world around us seem out of date and restricting. 

So we learn new poses, and we rewrite our stories. We celebrate our progress with an appreciation for newfound S P A C E where the magic happens. That space can be an extra inch in your Triangle pose, or more patience to deal with your best friend, who constantly complains about her life, when it actually resembles a Cinderella tale.  

When we learn to be present on the mat, we learn to be present off the mat. when we build strength in our body, we develop strength in our mind, our character, and the way in which we create the world we live in. 

Article from Xen Strength