Yoga for Depression

depression2“We hold the past in our bodies as well as in our mind.” ~ Amy Weintraub

Depression severely lowers quality of life. Therapeutic yoga can help lift the depressive state, but on a deeper level can connect you with an inner source of peace and joy that is your birthright.

Yoga is a complementary tool (not a substitute for) for other therapies such as medications, counseling, and psychotherapies.

Many people with depression experience feelings of inertia and lethargy resulting in shallow breathing and minimal movement. Emotional energy is trapped and needs to be acknowledged and released.

 Those with depression may benefit from the following practices:

  • Deep breathing exercises (brings in energy/prana)
  • Vigorous practices such as repeated sun salutations (stimulate, energize the body)
  • Backbends (stimulating, releases tension in the front body, opens the heart)
  • Forward bends (generates contemplation and connecting)
  • Child pose or balasana (provides a comforting, calm groundedness)
  • Legs Up The Wall (Viparita Karani) (for groundedness, circulation, and insomnia)
  • Cat/Cow (Marjariasana) (controlled breathing and awareness)

See List of Yoga Poses for detailed information


sun salutation, yoga for anxiety1) Mountain, Prayer Pose
2) Reach/Arch Back
3) Standing Forward Fold
4) Lunge Pose
5) Plank Pose
6) Four Limbed Staff Pose
7) Cobra
8) Downward Facing Dog
9) Lunge Pose
10) Standing Forward Bend
11) Reach/Arch back
12) Mountain, Prayer Pose