Yoga for Allergy Season

yoga for allergy seasonAre allergy symptoms plaguing you? Engaging in a regular yoga practice lowers stress and supports the immune system. It also improves overall health including the entire respiratory system. While yoga is not a cure, it can really help to support and manage your symptoms. Certain poses below have positive therapeutic effects. It is recommended to move more gently when experiencing allergy symptoms or any type of illness. During these times avoid highly dynamic sequences as well as Bikram (hot yoga).

Inversions help to open nasal passages and improve drainage but should not be held for more than a few minutes due to the added pressure they can create. Downward Facing Dog and Forward Fold are simple inversions.

Plow Pose and Shoulder Stand are more complex inversions that have the added benefit of elongating the muscles in the back of the neck and base of the skull. This stretch helps to release pressure and allow for drainage.

Please note the blanket under the shoulders for added support. This is very important to protect the neck from strain especially if these poses are new to you. I also highly recommend working with a seasoned yoga teacher to avoid injury and in learning correct posture.
Backbends and side stretches open and expand the chest and lungs increasing breathing capacity. Bridge and Fish Pose are great chest openers that also open the throat and stimulate the thymus gland (located under the sternum). This gland helps to regulate the lymphatic system and support the immune system. Younger children with allergies have greatest benefit from thyroid gland stimulation which decreases after puberty.

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