Visuddha (Throat Chakra Poem) by Beth Beard

throat chakra quotes

A repressed voice behind a rehearsed smile
Kept quiet, silent…hidden
Careful not to anger or offend
Guarding my lips

Locked utterances knotted in my throat
Doubting and devaluing my thoughts
Muffled and bruised. Hushed and censored
Weary from tuned out, deaf ears

Connecting with Divine Source
Learning to open my own cage
Vibrations changing, resonating truth
Now allowing myself to be seen – to be heard

Unveiling my inner self, my stories, my songs
My voice trembling yet strong
Having a right to be heard, even a duty to share
A voice of a survivor, a warrior, a healer, a friend

Empowered not to harm or cause turmoil
But to lift and inspire like soothing medicine
Consciously listening, hearing even what isn’t being said
Healing waves flow
      Person to person
            Spirit to spirit

Together we can open the cages
Freeing ourselves, creating with purity and peace
Dipping our brushes in the colors of truth
A masterpiece expressing the fullness of our souls