Unplug to Connect and Recharge


Technology has truly changed our world. We can easily access anything and almost anyone instantly.

For sanity’s sake we need to break free from the constant hum of technology. We have become so connected to our cell phones and computers, checking the in box, Face book, Pinterest, texting, tweeting, and being available for every call. The accessibility and portability of cell phones and other devices causes us to be continuously distracted, interrupted, and bombarded with information. We are missing out on our down time, the time when we regenerate and clear the mind.

Don’t wait for your next vacation to free yourself. Take some small daily steps to get your peace back! Ever go out for a meal and have your company continuously check their cell phones, text, and even answer calls? Maybe you have done it too. Many of us have virtually lost sight of what it’s like to have a real social experience. Re-connecting with family & friends is what dining is all about. Make mealtimes an unplugged ritual. Turn off the cell for a couple of hours and escape, relax, and be present.

There are serious personal benefits of taking a longer time away from the constant hum of technology. You may want to take a weekly or monthly break where everything with a screen; your television, computer, tablet, and cell phone get turned off. Try it for 24 hours. This can be unnerving at first. We are so used to distraction. Prepare ahead of time. Let people know that they won’t be available during that time. Then enjoy, be present and let yourself recharge.

Spend some time enjoying nature. Find a nice spot and experience a renewed sense of wonderment. You can go for a walk, meditate, watch birds, sketch, or just sit and watch the clouds roll by. Profound moments in nature foster a true sense of connectedness. As we connect with nature, we connect with our true selves. As we find beauty in nature we also find it within ourselves.