Third Eye Chakra


third eye chakra, quotesThe sixth (Third Eye) chakra is indigo (purplish) blue and located between the eyebrows. Referred to as the ‘mind center’, it is our avenue to wisdom. It connects us to our internal intuitions and sharpens our senses. Here we learn from our experiences and put them in perspective. This chakra is about vision, imagination, wisdom, intellect, insight, clairvoyance and dreaming. Our third eye helps us to separate reality from delusion and aids us in seeing ‘the big picture’. It is also associated with our deeper sense of Spirit.

The statement that embodies the third eye chakra is ‘I see’. The birthright is the right to see. Information that is stored inside the third eye chakra includes: seeing the clear picture (symbolic or literal), wisdom, intuition, mental facilities, and intellect. 

A person with a balanced third eye chakra has a heightened concentration and mental aptitude, distinguishing information clearly. Imagination and inner vision are enhanced. Dreams tend to be more vivid. Deeper understanding brings an open mind, dissolving egoic ideas, conditionings, false ideas of racism, and misidentifications. A balanced third eye chakra encourages empathy, intuition, possibly clairvoyance.

When the third eye chakra is unbalanced, the mind is not clear. Concepts of reality are confused and skewed. If it is under-active, one may experience fatigue, sleep issues, confusion, and timidity. We may feel disoriented and unable to focus or listen intently. Vision may be impaired making it difficult to envision the future, imagine, or visualize goals. One may be rigid in thought, relying on beliefs and other people rather than having independent thinking. Dream life is minimal and remembering dreams is more difficult. When the third eye chakra is over-active, one may overly fantasize and even hallucinate or become delusional. One may also experience nightmares. The overactive mind makes focus and concentration difficult. 

Third eye chakra questions for self-awareness:
Am I able to focus and think clearly?
Do I believe in my own ability to make clear decisions?
Do I see mistakes and negative situations as opportunities to grow?
What thought patterns keep me from seeing life clearly?
Do I allow time for silence, for the whispers of intuition to be heard? 

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