Taming the Restless Mind

This is a great illustration from Eknath Easwaran’s book, Meditation.
It points out the need for meditation tools and techniques for our ever-straying minds. 

There is a Hindu story comparing the mind to the trunk of an elephant – restless, inquisitive, always straying. 
In our villages in India, elephants are sometimes taken in religious processions through the streets to the temple. The streets are crooked and narrow, lined on either side with fruit and vegetable stalls. 
Along comes the elephant with his restless trunk, and in one sinuous motion, he grabs a whole bunch of bananas. He opens his cavernous mouth, and tosses the bananas in – stalk and all. From the next stall he picks up a coconut and tosses it in after the bananas. 
No threats or promises can make this restless trunk settle down. 
But the wise elephant trainer will give that trunk a short bamboo stick to hold. Then the elephant will walk along proudly, holding the bamboo stick in front like a drum major with a baton. 
He doesn’t steal bananas and coconuts now, because his trunk has something to hold onto. 
The mind works in the same way. We can keep it from straying into all kinds of situations if we just give it a mantram (or point of focus).

(Mantrum or mantra is a repetition of sounds or words to focus the mind during meditation.)

Any meditation support will work to tame the restless mind – not just a mantra. Simply bringing the mind back over and over to the present moment is a powerful tool. Explore some different ways to meditate here.