What to Expect from a Reiki Session

reiki treatmentBefore the session begins, there will be some discussion to determine the focus of the practice so it can be customized to current needs of the client. It is important to wear comfortably loose clothing and to not have an overly full stomach.

The session begins with a comfortable environment with gentle music. The client lays fully clothed on the table while the practitioner places hands either on or just above areas of the client’s body. The practitioner focuses on different areas systematically through the session.

The client focuses on deep relaxation and tension release as energy flow is restored within the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Essential oils may be used for their calming and healing qualities.

At the end of the session the client is urged to relax for a few minutes before arising gently to allow relaxation and healing to sink deep within. Session time is usually about an hour to 75 minutes.


What NOT to Expect During a Reiki Session

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