New Beginnings: Getting your Ducks in a Row…


ducks in a rowA new day, a new week, a new season, a new year- I am thankful for these opportunities for new beginnings. Many of us make resolutions in hopes to accomplish something or adopt a healthier lifestyle. Whether you accomplished last year’s goals or not, it is a great time to begin a new practice. The new year is a time to get excited about becoming more of who you are meant to be and brainstorming about ways to get there. We need a plan that can bring clarity and direction. Then we need motivation to propel us forward. And then action- we need to put in the effort to make changes.

When we make our goals, we often let it stop there. Unfortunately they often fade away into the back of our minds only to return in the form of disappointment, recognizing the gap in where we are versus where we hoped we would be. 
I want to encourage you (and myself) to take further steps in achieving our goals.

A) Write down 1-3 goals you would like to accomplish. Take a goal and ask yourself “Have I had this goal before?” “What has been holding me back from accomplishing this goal in the past?” Write down your thoughts and conclusions.

B) Take one goal and break it down. Make it be specific. For example, I would ask the question: ‘How can I make my yoga practice more consistent?” Then, write at least 5 things to clarify your goal and hone it down. Give yourself realistic completion dates for short-term and long-term goals so you can motivate yourself to keep on track. The more you write, the more your mind becomes engaged in the goal, and the more it moves to the forefront of your consciousness. It can be fun to brainstorm and research ways to manifest what you want. Having a notebook just for this is nice so you can come back, reflect, and see progress.

C) Visualize: Take some time to relax your body, clear your mind and use your imagination. See yourself making progress and accomplishing the goals. Once you see it is your mind, let yourself feel the emotions that come with the satisfaction of getting there. Allow the daydream to physically raise your vibration. Feel love, gratitude, and joy encompass your whole being while you visualize. Do this often, it is relaxing and can be a big step in making things happen.

D) Act on it: Take the goal that is broken down into specifics and make a list of 5 things you can do today to get you closer to manifesting your goal. Then…do them! The Nike commercial had it right when they said “Just Do It!”

E) Talk about it. When we tell others about whet we want to do, it brings accountability, fresh perspectives and again, moves the goal to the forefront of our consciousness.

F) We also need continuous reminders to keep us on track. With our busy lives we often rev up to a great start and then peter out with time. Do something each day to bring your goal to your conscious mind. even if it is just imagining it or talking about it. Having an index card with goals written on them strategically placed can also be a big help. Or set a daily  alarm on your phone to take out some time to focus on what is important.