Meditation Techniques

Breathing  Technigues

Feeling the Breath
Lengthening the Breath
Counting the Breath
So Ham Meditation
Alternate Nostril Breathing
Dragon Breathing
Ujjayi Breath
Skull Shining (Kapalabhati Cleansing Breath)

Meditation with an Object

Tratak Candle Gazing
Mandala Meditation
Incense Meditation
Music Meditation



 Meditation with Movement

Walking Meditation

Meditation Movement (Yoga/Dance)
Shower Meditation
Nature Meditation



Mantra Meditation

Mantra Meditation
Mantra with Beads
Mantras to Try




Contemplative Meditation

Being the Witness

Zen Koans
Metta Lovingkindness Meditation
Inner Smile Meditation
4 Pebbles Mindfulness Meditation