Creating Your Own Sacred Space

meditation spaceOne of our deepest, often unacknowledged needs is for spiritual connection. Whatever your spiritual beliefs may be, having a special place in your home reserved for quiet introspection, spiritual connection and reflection can nourish your soul. It can be an inspiring space for rituals like meditation or yoga or a place that helps you feel more connected to whatever is meaningful to you.

Our homes and spaces tend to serve our practical needs for sleep, food, storage, and entertainment but we often neglect creating a space whose sole function is to feed our spirit. Having your own little space where you calm down, unplug, de-clutter your mind, exercise and relax is a way to honor yourself and your spiritual needs. When you create sacred space, you send a powerful signal inward to your spirit and outward to the universe that you want to experience spiritual connection. Having a sacred space that draws you inward helps to build healthy habits of nurturing your soul. The more physically and mentally relaxed you are in your space, the easier it will be get into your desired state of mind.

creating a sacred spaceChoose a location that is separate from the more active areas of the home. The area should be able to be shut off and made private during meditation practice, if possible. Choose a space with low light that is well ventilated, if possible. Create an atmosphere that is comfortable and inviting without distractions. You don’t necessarily need an extra room. Your sacred space can be as simple as a few sacred objects on a windowsill or a special spot in your garden. The important element is your intention for this space. Whatever space you choose, let it be a place where you can rest, re-connect with what is meaningful in your life, and be inspired to pursue your passions.

Sometimes the first step in creating a sacred space may actually be cleaning your house. Clearing out the clutter and straightening up can give us a fresh new perspective and actually encourage us to put some spiritual practices into action, such as meditating, yoga, praying, journaling, etc.

In decorating your space, keep it simple. There is no need for anything elaborate. Choose natural materials if you can. Find objects and symbols that have meaning to you. In creating a home altar (the focal point of your space), start by defining what ‘sacred’ or ‘spiritual’ means to you. Decide how you want to use it and let it represent your intentions. Choose objects that inspire you to practice your rituals of meditation, yoga, prayer or other sacred practices. Consider including inspirational artwork, crystals, prayer beads, or sacred texts or words of wisdom from any and all faiths. Display tokens or statues with spiritual meaning that reflect your particular path. You may want to incorporate incense, essential oils, or scented candles. A journal may be useful for recording insights and thoughts. Fresh flowers and plants can bring beauty and freshness to your space. A blanket or shawl could be added for comfort. There are no rules. You are free to use whatever you choose.

If the noise level in your sacred space is too distracting you may want to play inspirational music, or sounds of nature in the background. A small water fountain may bring pleasant background sound. Noise cancelling headphones or a small machine called a ‘white noise generator’ (which is often used as a sleep aid) may prove useful. You also may want to try using a singing bowl in the space for meditation.

Sit in your space and try it out. See if it feels comfortable. Add things and take things away until it feels right. Some people have pictures, stones, and many objects, while others keep it very minimal. Keep your space clean, fresh and the energy moving. Keep it uncluttered, organized, and beautiful. Remove everything except that which comforts and nurtures you. As you continue to move, grow, and expand, change it up and adapt the space to your current focus and feelings. If you see a rock, twig, or beautiful leaf while walking, bring it to your space and use it as a focal point for a few days. Move old energy out. Keep the vibration of the space fresh. Care for your space regularly. Crystals can be re-energized by placing outdoors under the sun or moon.
Here are some different meditation techniques that you can try.

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