Meditation For Peace Of Mind

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Spread The Waves Of Peace
An interesting aspect is that we have the ability to influence our surroundings- When we enter a room where a fight has happened, we feel a little uneasy; whereas when we enter a room where a baby is playing, the enthusiasm and joy catches on to us even if we are tired. Similarly, even in a tumultuous situation if we are peaceful within, we can spread the vibrations of peace around us which can help reduce the turbulence. A few minutes of meditation daily helps remain calm during any situation.


  1. makes us mentally strong so we can face
    any situation with a smile
  2. makes you peaceful. Peace within
    reflects in outer situations also.
  3. increases emotional resilience.
  4. reduces the tendency to react and
    increases the tendency to respond.
  5. is an effective way to de-stress your mind.

Meditation Made Easy : Follow These Tips

  • Comfortable surrounding- It is advisable to meditate in a quiet place. This saves you from distraction and helps you go deeper in your experience.
  • Be regular with the practice- It is a good idea to meditate at least twice a day and be regular with the practice.Only then will you be able to observe its positive effects with each passing day.
  • Meditate with your buddies- You could get together with some of your close buddies and meditate in a group. This will enhance your experience; it will also help you to be regular with your practice.
  • Try some stretches before meditating –This helps release the stress and tension in various parts of your body and helps you relax to have a more enjoyable meditation.
  • Observe your thoughts- Do not make an effort to resist your thoughts. Let them flow. Meditation is effortless.
  • Take it easy- Make sure you meditate for at least 10-15 minutes. Do not be in a hurry to open your eyes.
  • Make sure your stomach is not full– This will prevent you from falling asleep!

By Divya Sachdev 
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