Manipura (Poem for the Solar Plexus) by Beth Beard

solar plexus chakra, quotes 

Advancing forward in my strength
Honoring myself...believing in myself

Choosing how to frame history-
No longer the victim…fatally injured
A humble yet proud warrior glimmering with color

My agonies transform to liberty
My pain shifts to opportunity

My core is engaged
Blazing rays of light from within

A transforming fire
Reducing my weak and frail pieces to ashes

Undeniably acknowledging the stagnant times
True moments of heaviness

Yet learning to jostle, even jolt myself awake
Knowing I am free to choose
Free to overcome

Clouds clear from my minds eye
Knowing that at times
We just need to create our own sunshine

Confidently striking new chords
Composing a new song

Celebrating, rejoicing in success
Realizing the essence of my own strength
Courageously learning to master my self

By Beth Beard