Be Kind

Just For Today, I Will Be Kind To My Neighbor And Every Living Thing.

Acts of kindness change the world. Most of us remember being taught the ‘Golden Rule’ in some form: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” We all have warm memories of kindness shown to us at some time in our lives. Acts of kindness can cost little or nothing and yet the benefits are great. The impact of an act of kindness on someone may never be known. A single act could start a ‘domino effect’ that continues beyond imagination.

Kindness means being conscious of our thoughts and reactions towards others. It means making an effort to see the good in others without judgment. It takes an understanding that we are all connected and at different stages on the same spiritual path. Kindness is for all, and not reserved for those who are nice or friendly. When someone throws us a curve, a mindset of kindness can prevail, knowing that negativity often comes from those experiencing pain or fear. Kindness is a mindset that requires tolerance, understanding, and compassion.

Practicing kindness has benefits for us as well as others. The law of karma tells us ‘what goes around comes around’ or ‘You reap what you sow’. Send out love and kindness and you will receive love and kindness in some form. As we put out positive energy, we bring the same back into our lives. Practicing kindness is also good for our mental health. It creates lightness inside. As our thought life shifts from self to shining out to others, we raise our own personal vibration. A simple smile lifts our own spirits as we spread joy to those around us.

Some ideas for random acts of kinness: share a smile, pick up trash, pay someones toll, tip well, really listen, give a sincere compliment, give a hug, write a note of appreciation, give up a parking space, call someone and let them know you care. Below are 2 videos that may inspire you!