In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

lamb,flowerThis is a metaphor of transformation for the month of March. And we sure have been experiencing the lion with so much ice and snow. C’mon lamb! I’m soooo looking forward to warmth and flowers!

This metaphor also applies to our transformation as we grow in awareness. As we grow we realize that we are not our name, our occupation, our body, our status. We begin to move towards a completely different identity. We realize that we are spiritual beings moving through life, learning and growing in love compassion and unity. We learn to move away from anger, pride, attachment and ego. We become drawn to a higher way of thinking based in love, connection, and gratitude. The beautiful process is happening. It may seem like a slow process but I guarantee you that you have come a very long way already. Just desiring growth and awareness is a wonderful step towards change.

LionYes, at times the lion returns and even seems to be taking back our identity. You may notice this especially when tired, hungry or overwhelmed. There are times when we feel weak and compensate by becoming aggressive, bitter and negative. But that’s ok. We are human. We are imperfect. But we are not the lion… we simply fell into old ways of thinking and doing.

 The beautiful thing is that we can choose. We can realize that our joy does not rely on our circumstances. When we become aware of our step backward, we can take in a deep breath and decide to be the lamb, to be love, to be compassion…even towards our imperfect selves. There is always opportunity in each new day, each new hour, each new minute. When we make the choice toward higher thinking, the sun shines brighter, we feel a bit lighter and abundance is everywhere. Hope is renewed.

 Frolicking lambSometimes it is hard to choose the way of the lamb. When I get into a ‘funk’ I know that yoga or moving my body in some way works for me. It opens blocked energy and helps me to get back into the flow of connection. Deep breathing and repeating a mantra or affirmation are also great ways be drawn back away from the ‘dark side’. Also, being connected with and supported by like-minded people is crucial. We are all in this together.

 When your positive energy is depleting, it affects those around you. Don’t let those lion moments last too long. When you are full of love and joy it changes everything. Joy already exists with you…it’s just that sometimes we have to peel back some layers to find it. The world needs you. It needs your gifts. So find what works for you. You ARE so important!

 Affirmation or Mantra: I am not my, name, my occupation, my body, or my status. I am a spiritual being moving through life, learning and growing in love, compassion and unity.