Why is yoga important for Tweens and Teens?

Tweens and teens have it rough. Bodies are changing. They become more peer-focused, so what friends think matter greatly. Friendships deepen. Humor and irony create more dimensions to communication, making it more subtle and layered. There are new expectations, roles and responsibilities. The world becomes a bigger place with so much to learn. Homework becomes more challenging as well as the scheduling of events and activities. There is more emphasis on achievement and comparisons. How we look becomes important. Those that are these ages look for role models, and seek to emulate others. 

Yoga practice can instill confidence and self esteem in your children. It can help teenagers who have trouble focusing and aid in making appropriate decisions. Are you seeing signs of depression in your teenager? Does your child stress over taking tests or having too much homework? Kids experience more daily stress than ever. Yoga brings a peaceful connection. It provides perspective.

Check out the video below.

 Tween/ Teen Yoga for PeacemakersYoga Skills for Youth Peacemakers, offers young people access to an array of yoga practices: poses, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, basic mindfulness practice, yoga from the students perspective. Specifically designed for and modeled by a diverse population of preadolescents and teenagers with a secular curriculum. Designed for ages 7-16. 

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Partner Yoga for Teens, provides skills for positive relationships: being supportive, listening and expressing. Includes 10 five-minute sequences to practice with a friend, sibling, classmate or parent with mindful movements, breath awareness and relaxation techniques to create strength, flexibility, clarity, calm, balance and trust. Includes interviews with teen yoga students on bullying, compassion, empowerment, community, partnership and stress. 

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Kids World Yoga is a joyful and easy home practice series that can be done anywhere for girls and boys of all ages (created for ages6-14). It offers hours of safe well- instructed yoga , beginner, intermediate, and advanced , including a fun partner yoga intro for adults and kids alike. It builds on the basics and progress fast, building strength, flexibility and coordination in a fun, playful way. Also includes breathing practices and great relaxations.


The world tells bright children that their performance matters; they need us, their parents, to tell them that they are much more than the sum of their accomplishments. They need to know that we love them for their kindness, curiosity, imagination, determination, and sense of fun. Qualities like these aren’t necessarily impressive, but they matter deeply. ~Eileen Kennedy-Moore Co-Author of Smart Parenting for Smart Kids: Nurturing Your Child’s True Potential