Failure’s Cairn

Failure's Cairn 
With every failure and every fear,
Yet another stone is placed
There upon the growing pile–
High upon the hill. 
For far too long
My failures overwhelmed me–
Stones immense and mighty, waiting there,
High upon the hill…
Until the day I learned
To turn my failures
Into faith, and put an
End to hate.
And now I am returning
(wiser for the learning)
To home’s safe
And embracing harbor–
Only to see my failures have borne fruit,
Like fattened grapes
Upon an ancient arbor
As I look high upon the hill.
And failure’s cairn
Now guides me from high upon the hill,
As I sail upon the currents
Of a sea of milk and honey.   

by Stephen W Emerick


Definition of cairn: a pile of stones that marks a place (such as the place where someone is buried or a battle took place) or that shows the direction of a trail.