Compassion is Yoga


Com[assion, yoga
Compassion is Yoga by Nischala Joy Devi

Compassion is the sacred energy that flows through the heart chakra to each and every living thing in the universe. When accessed it allows us to feel a sense of onesness with all.

As yoga students and teachers, compassion blossoms as our inner guidance. It constantly reminds us that it is not the exactness of a technique that gives students the experience of Yoga, but the ability to access our own sacred energy.

Compassion is fostered by our personal experience through hardships, physical, mental or emotional or by perceiving with an open heart, others suffering.

The next time you have a slight injury or pain, allow the awareness of that discomfort to expand, embracing the many that live with chronic suffering on a permanent basis. This consciousness greatly aids in the development of our compassion….

… The practices and philosophy of yoga blending the both physical and spiritual conjol them to unite. Healing then happens.

The constant refinement and rediscovering of the yogic practices allows each person to gain the benefit of healing. Often the healing was not a total physical cure, but a rebalancing of the energies that flows through the body, mind and emotions touching the spirit. It affords everyone a sense of peace and clarity making decisions and changes based on their highest level of healing.

Yoga is the creation of a balance of energies that allows the natural intelligence of the body to right itself. It is for this reason that most of the gentle practices can positively affect any disease or imbalance. It facilitates the alchemy by connecting hearts and souls, remembering that we are all ONE.

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