Give Love!

In February we are reminded about love. Take this opportunity to show, not just romantic love, but love to everyone; friends, family, co-workers, strangers, those who serve you, those in need, pets, and even to yourselves. When we take the time to give love and kindness, we

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Brahmacharya is the fourth of the Yamas (guidelines for living).  Brahmacharya is most often translated as living in balance and moderation with reverence for the life force energy within us. It reminds us that our life force energy is both limited and precious. We are encouraged to use our energy wisely so

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Why are we asked to turn to our right side before rising from savasana?

I was recently asked this after class  and I didn’t have a good answer so I did some research. I found some contradicting information but many agree on the following reasons: Physiology:  Anatomically, the heart is on the left. Rolling to your right places your heart above the organs

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Do You Eat To Sleep?

    Ahhh.. to sleep with the belly full.  Knowing that eating large amounts induces sleep we may unconsciously (or consciously) be trying to give ourselves a deeper, faster passage to slumber. Nonetheless, we don’t often wake up in the morning wishing we had eaten more the night

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