Yoga as Therapy

Opening Stiff Hips


Stiff hips are very common. This tightness can cause low back pain, knee pain, poor posture, and difficulty walking. The causes of hip tightness can be from overuse or underuse. Many of us have jobs or commutes where we sit for long periods, causing a tightening of […]

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Visuddha (Throat Chakra Poem) by Beth Beard

throat chakra quotes

A repressed voice behind a rehearsed smile Kept quiet, silent…hidden Careful not to anger or offend Guarding my lips Locked utterances knotted in my throat Doubting and devaluing my thoughts Muffled and bruised. Hushed and censored Weary from tuned out, deaf ears Connecting with Divine Source Learning […]

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Learning From Our Emotions


Emotion is energy moving through the body. Emotions are a gift of awareness. By studying our emotional layer (manomaya kosha), we can learn how our own beliefs affect our reality. When we become attached to our emotions we essentially become what we are feeling. For example, instead […]

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Opening the Neck

Neck pain

“The neck plays a significant role in our emotional life. Try communicating with this part of the bodyand listen for the kinesthetic feeling. The neck is the physical bridge between the body and the mind. For messages to be sent from one part to the other, they […]

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Yoga is A Mirror

yoga, mirror

“The practice of yoga postures is a mirror for the practice of life, so over time you will find yourself more confident in situations off the mat,” Carol Rossi  As we become mindful of our reactions in our practice, we notice how it correlates to life outside […]

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I Love Pigeon Pose

Pigeon Pose

Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana) is one of my favorite poses. It is this pose that helped to heal an injury to my hip socket and saved me from needing surgery and drew me towards Yoga Therapy. You can read more about that here.  Without even realizing […]

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Tight Hamstrings & Low Back Pain


When your hamstrings are tight, it places a lot of stress on your low back, leading to pain and discomfort. Stretching the hamstrings can make a huge difference in relieving low back pain. Of course, if you have severe back pain, or a slipped disk it is best avoid […]

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Seasonal Affective Disorder and Yoga


During winter months, days are shorter and the weather is colder and darker. Many of us experience the “winter blues” as we spend more time indoors, away from the sun. You may even be one of the many people affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  SAD is […]

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Essential Tremor and Yoga

essential tremor

Tremors (involuntary rhythmic contraction and relaxation of muscles) may occur in one or more body parts, depending upon causes and overall health. For many, shaking may be a natural part of ageing. However, tremors may be a symptom of deeper, underlying disorders. And, of course, see a doctor […]

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Natural Tips for Allergy Relief

allergy, yoga

  Gesundheidt! Allergy season is here! Tree pollen effects many in the spring and grass pollen is out in late spring and summer.   Stress burdens the immune system and even small amounts of stress can increase allergy-triggering proteins in the body that can exacerbate allergy symptoms. […]

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