Maintaining the Flow BY MADISYN TAYLOR


Life energy flows through us like a swift stream when there is nothing to obstruct it.The essence of all being is energy. Our physical and ethereal selves depend on the unrestricted flow of life energy that is the source of wholeness and wellness. Though the channels through […]

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We can start fresh in this very moment, not needing to wait for a new day to start anew.When today is not going well, it is tempting to focus on tomorrow as a blank slate with all the possibilities that newness provides. It is true that tomorrow […]

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Sahasrara (Poem for the Crown Chakra)


I am here This is the right place This is the right time The gift of being in this moment Cleansed by each breath Feeling the cool breeze of Spirit Taking in the infinite beauty Savoring pure light, pure love Beyond the mind Awareness beyond time and […]

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Visuddha (Throat Chakra Poem) by Beth Beard

throat chakra quotes

A repressed voice behind a rehearsed smile Kept quiet, silent…hidden Careful not to anger or offend Guarding my lips Locked utterances knotted in my throat Doubting and devaluing my thoughts Muffled and bruised. Hushed and censored Weary from tuned out, deaf ears Connecting with Divine Source Learning […]

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How to Manage Your Anger by: Deepak Chopra, M.D.


Anger is one of the most destructive emotions. It ruins relationships, intimidates co-workers, and creates bad feelings. So it’s surprising that it’s often an overlooked issue. In some quarters anger is actually considered positive, a tool for getting what you want. At some point, however, many angry […]

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Illuminate Frederick!!!!!

Illuminate Frederick

  This Sunday! Illuminate Frederick Mind-Body-Spirit Festival! Sunday April 19, 2015 – 11 am to 6 pm                $5 admission In the Null building at the Eventplex at the Great Frederick Fairgrounds. Please join us for a wonder-filled day featuring massage, Reiki, reflexology, Holistic […]

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Be Love Now


I think it’s so fascinating when you think about the interpretation of LOVE…….. What is Love to ourselves?…….How do we need others to support the love that we are seeking?……And how can we interpret and support others in aligning with what their vision of what love is?……I […]

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  Healing love flows in and through me.  Healing love feels like a warm comforting bath. I feel loved and supported and know everything is working to heal me. Healing love relaxes me at depth and eases any pain. I am soothed as I open my heart […]

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Creating Your Future

ACT, grow

“It is said that extraordinary people live their lives backward. They create a future, and they live into it. An exercise I teach is called A.C.T. I want you to try it. The A stands for accept your present state. Understand your strengths and weaknesses, as we […]

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Starry Starry Night

Starry Night

Listen to Josh Groban sing Starry Starry Night (link: scroll down page) while perusing inspiring quotes and art of Vincent van Gogh. Music and art both raise our vibrational frequency.  Starry Night Quotes from Vincent van Gogh    The best way to know God is to love many […]

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