My Weight Loss #1

I have had weight issues as long as I can remember. Years ago I let go of 60 lbs through yoga and watching what I ate. I gained back a bit but have managed to keep off the majority of it. I was not even close to

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10 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Operating with a higher frequency makes us happier, stronger, and more creative. We make better decisions, seeing clearly. Our cells have optimum capacity to work properly and heal.    “The human body is made up of over 75 trillion cells – all of which vibrate. The higher

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Tapas (discipline & purification)

 Through discipline we can make decisions that support our higher purpose rather than being distracted by temporary desires. ‘Tapas’ is interpreted as fiery discipline that brings purification and transformation. It is one of the five niyamas  (personal observances) offered in the Yoga Sutras. Practicing tapas means having an

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