Stress Reduction

21 Ways to Reduce Stress During the Workday By Saki F. Santorelli


1. Take a few minutes in the morning to be quiet and meditate–sit or lie down and be with yourself…gazing out the window, listen to the sounds of nature or take a slow, quiet walk. 2. While your car is warming up, take a minute to quietly […]

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Try this Simple Meditation Technique to Reduce Stress

Tonglen Meditation

We all feel stress. Meditation is a simple, free, fast way to release tension, and reduce stress. Taking a few minutes can change your perspective and calm the body, mind, and emotions. According to the Mayo Clinic “Meditation can help carry you more calmly through your day […]

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Learning From Our Emotions


Emotion is energy moving through the body. Emotions are a gift of awareness. By studying our emotional layer (manomaya kosha), we can learn how our own beliefs affect our reality. When we become attached to our emotions we essentially become what we are feeling. For example, instead […]

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Opening the Neck

Neck pain

“The neck plays a significant role in our emotional life. Try communicating with this part of the bodyand listen for the kinesthetic feeling. The neck is the physical bridge between the body and the mind. For messages to be sent from one part to the other, they […]

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Choosing Slow by Diane DeGiorgio

art asana

I just stepped away from my desk, the to do list, the inbox, and a number of other nameless distractions vying for my attention to take a slow walk around my backyard. For once, my walk wasn’t goal-oriented. I wasn’t trying to get from point A to […]

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Breathe to Clear the Mind


“Oxygen is energy—it’s juice. Oxygen helps relax muscles and clear the mind. When you hold your breath, you are creating pressure and a nervous feeling. Athletes who choke start to become nervous about being nervous. Anxious about being anxious. One psychologist says anxiety is excitement ‘without the […]

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5 Pillars of Yogic Balance

5 pillars

The five Pillars of Yogic Balance was developed by the Sivananda school of yoga to encourage us to embrace these essential elements for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. So every day, take a look and see whether you are being balanced by practicing these pillars: Right Exercise: This is achieved […]

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Stress Much?

stress much?

  Stress can affect your body, mind, emotions, and behavior. Awareness of stress symptoms is the first step in lessening the impact. Stress that is not addressed can contribute to many health problems. For many, stress is the norm. When we are stressed, breathing tends to be […]

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Unplug to Connect and Recharge

unplug to connect

Technology has truly changed our world. We can easily access anything and almost anyone instantly. For sanity’s sake we need to break free from the constant hum of technology. We have become so connected to our cell phones and computers, checking the in box, Face book, Pinterest, […]

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Migraine Help


A migraine is more than just a really bad headache. Most headaches are musculoskeletal in origin. Migraines: intense pulsing or throbbing pain on one or both sides of the head, possible nausea and vomiting, light and/or sound sensitivity, visual disturbances and distortions. Routine activities are usually halted and medications […]

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