Self Love

Yoga ~ Tend to Yourself

    Yoga isn’t about executing the poses perfectly or having the best balance. Yoga is connecting with yourself. Yoga is like learning to breathe again. Or that moment when you jump out of bed in the morning, rush outside to do the sun salutation and you

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About Your Solar Plexus Chakra

  The third (solar plexus) chakra is vibrant yellow and located just above the navel. The sanskrit name, Manipura means lustrous gem. This chakra represents our power center.  The statement that embodies the solar plexus chakra is “I think.” Strong self-esteem and self-confidence are needed for developing intuitive thinking

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The Perfect Cup~ A Poem

The Perfect Cup It is time for me to see the flaws of myself and stop being alarmed It is time for me to halt my drive for perfection and to accept my blemishes It is time for me to receive slowly evolving growth the kind that comes in God’s own good time and pays no

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Metta Loving-kindness Meditation 

‘Metta‘ means ‘loving-kindness.’ This meditation helps us to see goodness and wish happiness for ourselves and others. At times it is difficult love ourselves or others. By practicing Metta meditation we can transform our negative feelings and guilt into a positive force of love and healing. Many people

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Thankfulness for Everything

  Thank you for this breath. Thank you for this inhale. Thank you for this exhale. Thank you for this Life . Thank you Heart. Thank you for this pounding. Thank you for this pulsing. Thank you for this Love. Thank you feet. Thank you for this

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