Self Acceptance

Anahata (Heart Chakra Metta Poem) by Beth Beard


Breathing deeply as I journey up the path A gentle breeze caressing me The air flows through me with each breath I take Reaching the vantage point I become still Awareness permeates my healing heart As it resonates with the beauty of the earth Lungs expanding, heart […]

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I Am Me by Virginia Satir


                          I Am Me  In all the world there is no-one else exactly like me. Everything that comes out of me is authentically mine  because I alone chose it. I own everything about me; my […]

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Being Seen by Jackie Dumaine


In the end, we all want to be seen. Even when we try to hide behind our own shadow. We all want to know that we matter. And that we are enough, just as we are.   We are the same. You and me . Me and you. Mirrors to our pain and our joy.  Our grief and our triumph.  Our tears and our laughter. Our fear and our […]

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Asteya on the Mat


                Do not steal this moment from yourself This glory, this accomplishment. this shape that your body becomes. Do not steal the joy of your experience by saying: “but i wish i could do it better” Celebrate your wholeness the wonder, the shape of […]

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Asteya on the Mat


              Do not steal this moment from yourself This glory, this accomplishment this shape that your body becomes. Do not steal the joy of your experience by saying: “but i wish i could do it better” Celebrate your wholenessthe wonder, the shape  of You.Do not steal […]

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“Your Self-Image “makes you act like you.” It keeps you within your comfort zone. If you are below your zone, Self-Image makes you uncomfortable and turns up your power until you are within the zone. Likewise, if you are above your zone, the Self-Image will cut your […]

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Yoga is A Mirror

yoga, mirror

“The practice of yoga postures is a mirror for the practice of life, so over time you will find yourself more confident in situations off the mat,” Carol Rossi  As we become mindful of our reactions in our practice, we notice how it correlates to life outside […]

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It can be difficult to accept others and to accept ourselves. “I should be better. I should be something different. I should have more.” All of this is conception; it’s all mental fabrication. It’s just the mind churning up “shoulds,” “ought tos,” and “supposed tos.” All this […]

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Creating Your Future

ACT, grow

“It is said that extraordinary people live their lives backward. They create a future, and they live into it. An exercise I teach is called A.C.T. I want you to try it. The A stands for accept your present state. Understand your strengths and weaknesses, as we […]

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What Do You See in The Mirror?

See yourself

    “When I look in the mirror” is an exploration of each woman’s thoughts and insights as they take a deep look into the mirror and reflect on themselves and their experiences. From cancer survivors to a middle schooler facing bullying, each woman’s answer is indicative […]

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