Tonglen Meditation for Mothers – DeLona Campos-Davis

Tonglen Meditation for Mothers– DeLona Campos-Davis I breathe in the daily frustrationssmall as they are, big as they can seemI breath out patience for us all. I breathe in the lonelinessof days spent mothering on our ownI breathe out connectioncommunity, compassion. I breathe in the brokennessnot being

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Marshmellow Study on Willpower

Article from JamesClear.comIn the 1960s, a Stanford professor named Walter Mischel began conducting a series of important psychological studies. During his experiments, Mischel and his team tested hundreds of children — most of them around the ages of 4 and 5 years old — and revealed what

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Anticipating Love

              For now…love evades   So my heart learns to cope And come what may This heart carries hope   That all will be well And all will be blessed Only time can tell When my heart will find rest  

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