The Kubera Mudra

  This mudra is used for achieving goals, confidence, finding objects as well as opening up the sinuses. The Kubera mudra is seen as a physical expression of our deepest desire to stick to a plan and follow through with our goals. It helps to strengthen our committment.  First,

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Pratyahara (Sensory Withdrawl)

Adapted from Pratyahara: the Forgotten Limb of Yoga ~ By David Frawley Pratyahara means “gaining mastery over external influences.” It is compared to a turtle withdrawing its limbs into its shell — the turtle’s shell is the mind and the senses are the limbs. Control of the senses, is

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Hmmm…how can I justify this?….

  ok ok…I just wanted to post a groovy picture of George Harrison without a shirt on…. can anyone blame me?  But this may be a nice chance to introduce mudras.  Mudras are usually hand gestures that carry symbolism, an outward representation of inward intentions. Mudras aid us

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