Shall We OM???

Om (or Aum) is a universal sound that represents a connectedness to all that is. We often use it to center ourselves before class or to close a yoga or meditation class. According to ancient beliefs, all speech and thought originated from the sound of aum. It is often

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Yoga During Menstruation?

    There are differing opinions on yoga practice during menstruation. Should it be avoided altogether? Should the practice remain the same? Are there asana positions that are therapeutic? What should be avoided? All women are different. There are no blanket rules that apply to everyone. Some

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Brahmacharya is the fourth of the Yamas (guidelines for living).  Brahmacharya is most often translated as living in balance and moderation with reverence for the life force energy within us. It reminds us that our life force energy is both limited and precious. We are encouraged to use our energy wisely so

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Practicing Satya (truthfulness) for Inner Growth and Healing

Satya, the second of the Yamas (guidelines for living) means truthfulness. Satya invites us to be genuine and authentic to our true nature, to live with integrity, and to shine fearlessly as who we are. We are all so different and brilliantly unique. Rather than letting our

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Emotional Ahimsa (non-harming)

Ahimsa is a sanskrit word meaning “non- harming”. It is the first of the 5 Yamas (guidelines for living a fulfilling life). Non-harming does not only apply in the physical sense, it also applies to our thoughts and emotions. Therefore, hateful, unkind thoughts and words about others

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Experiencing Sugar Withdrawal?

Whether sugar is actually physically or psychologically addictive is up for debate. I see sugar as a drug bringing temporary bursts of energy and elevated mood. It also tastes really good!  Common symptoms of sugar withdrawal: agitation, moodiness, problems concentrating, depression, fatigue, headaches, sleep disturbance, and sugar cravings.  

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