The Wonders of Coconut  Oil 

Coconut oil is truly the essence of a healthy fat. It is especially important at this time of year to boost the immune system and defeat  viruses as we are face cold and flu season. Coconut is nature’s number one source of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA’s), a group of fats

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Filling Up Before Bed

  Eating at night, especially in front of the TV is a habit many of us share. We are often tired, our defenses are down. The work day has come to a close. We want to reward ourselves for all we have endured and may endure tomorrow. When we

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6 Tips for Eating with Moderation 

  According to yogic philosophy, balance and moderation in all things is key for a healthy happy life. When we have a ‘dieting mentality’ we tend to lay down the law and certain foods are off limits. Eventually these forbidden foods become available and we may overindulge,

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Do You Eat To Sleep?

    Ahhh.. to sleep with the belly full.  Knowing that eating large amounts induces sleep we may unconsciously (or consciously) be trying to give ourselves a deeper, faster passage to slumber. Nonetheless, we don’t often wake up in the morning wishing we had eaten more the night

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Experiencing Sugar Withdrawal?

Whether sugar is actually physically or psychologically addictive is up for debate. I see sugar as a drug bringing temporary bursts of energy and elevated mood. It also tastes really good!  Common symptoms of sugar withdrawal: agitation, moodiness, problems concentrating, depression, fatigue, headaches, sleep disturbance, and sugar cravings.  

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