Superfoods to the Rescue, Brian Johnson


“Among the healthiest of the superfoods are the cruciferous vegetables, which include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and kale. (Cruciferous doesn’t refer to a property of the vegetables but rather to the petals of the plants, which grow in the shape of a cross.) High in fiber and antioxidants […]

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Clean From the Inside Out by Lisa McLellan


Clean the body from the inside out? Detoxifying and cleansing are part of our normal body processes. The three main organs that detoxify the body are the liver, the colon and the kidneys. The liver acts as a filter preventing toxins and bacteria from passing into the […]

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Seasonal Affective Disorder and Yoga


During winter months, days are shorter and the weather is colder and darker. Many of us experience the “winter blues” as we spend more time indoors, away from the sun. You may even be one of the many people affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  SAD is […]

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Detox Time! (Health&Wellness)


Spring is a time when nature reawakens and rejuvenates. It is also a time when we, too, search for renewal. One of the best ways to clean up your body and mind is with a safe, healthy and comprehensive detox program that incorporates meaningful movement and thought, […]

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Yoga for Cold and Flu

yoga, cold, flu

When under the weather, Yoga can add a bit of comfort and opening to the body. Asanas help circulate lymp fluid and assist lymphatic drainage, strenthening the immune system. Twists nourish the spine and internal heat created by movement helps rid the body of viruses, breaking down static […]

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The Wonders of Coconut  Oil 

coconut oil

Coconut oil is truly the essence of a healthy fat. It is especially important at this time of year to boost the immune system and defeat  viruses as we are face cold and flu season. Coconut is nature’s number one source of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA’s), a group of fats […]

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Aspartame is Poison


Having been on numerous diets through my life, I have no idea how much aspartame I may have ingested. No more! Please read the following article by Trent James. Aspartame is the technical name for the brand names NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, and Equal-Measure. It was discovered by […]

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