Odd friends

If these two can overcome thier differences, so can we.   There is more to the story, Bella, the dog has since died, watch the rest of the story….grab some tissues first!

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Unplug to Connect and Recharge

Technology has truly changed our world. We can easily access anything and almost anyone instantly. For sanity’s sake we need to break free from the constant hum of technology. We have become so connected to our cell phones and computers, checking the in box, Face book, Pinterest,

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Everything in Life is Vibration

  “Everything in Life is Vibration”  ~ Albert Einstein As we grow in perspective, we may feel drawn to experience life on a new level. Rather than seeing ourselves merely as physical, individual bodies we notice that we are energetic, vibrating, resonating beings in an energetic, vibrational world.

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Shall We OM???

Om (or Aum) is a universal sound that represents a connectedness to all that is. We often use it to center ourselves before class or to close a yoga or meditation class. According to ancient beliefs, all speech and thought originated from the sound of aum. It is often

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