Asteya on the Mat


                Do not steal this moment from yourself This glory, this accomplishment. this shape that your body becomes. Do not steal the joy of your experience by saying: “but i wish i could do it better” Celebrate your wholeness the wonder, the shape of […]

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Brahmacharya is the fourth Yama (guidelines for living). Its literal translation is celibacy… but before you get concerned, understand that there are a variety of interpretations according to different belief systems. Most agree that a deeper understanding deals with remembering who we are, that we are spiritual […]

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Love vs. Attachment

Love vs attachment

The near enemy of love is attachment. Attachment masquerades as love. It says, “I will love this person because I need them.” Or, “I’ll love you if you’ll love me back. I’ll love you, but only if you will be the way I want.” This isn’t love […]

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Anticipating Love


              For now…love evades   So my heart learns to cope And come what may This heart carries hope   That all will be well And all will be blessed Only time can tell When my heart will find rest   […]

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Asteya on the Mat


              Do not steal this moment from yourself This glory, this accomplishment this shape that your body becomes. Do not steal the joy of your experience by saying: “but i wish i could do it better” Celebrate your wholenessthe wonder, the shape  of You.Do not steal […]

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Try this Simple Meditation Technique to Reduce Stress

Tonglen Meditation

We all feel stress. Meditation is a simple, free, fast way to release tension, and reduce stress. Taking a few minutes can change your perspective and calm the body, mind, and emotions. According to the Mayo Clinic “Meditation can help carry you more calmly through your day […]

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Learning From Our Emotions


Emotion is energy moving through the body. Emotions are a gift of awareness. By studying our emotional layer (manomaya kosha), we can learn how our own beliefs affect our reality. When we become attached to our emotions we essentially become what we are feeling. For example, instead […]

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Love Languages

Metta Lovengkindness meditation

Ain’t love grand? How do we keep it alive? I came across info on “The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts by Gary Chapman”. Click on the image below to check out the book on Amazon. “Between busy schedules and long days, expressing love […]

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“Your Self-Image “makes you act like you.” It keeps you within your comfort zone. If you are below your zone, Self-Image makes you uncomfortable and turns up your power until you are within the zone. Likewise, if you are above your zone, the Self-Image will cut your […]

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Yoga for Spring by Nichole Golden

spring yoga

The season of new beginnings is upon us. With the arrival of spring, we shift from the hibernation of the winter months to an awakening of rebirth. Spring invites us to open back up, delight in warmer days and cultivate a spirit of aliveness. As sunlight paves […]

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