Be Observant by Caren Baginski











The one thing you should never forget to do every day is be observant of the mind.
Note how I didn’t say “count your blessings” because that’s selective and dismissive, or “be present” because that’s often too vague and oversimplified to be actionable. But, observant! We can do a lot with that.

Be observant as if you were scanning the ocean for whales breaching the surface, and every time you spot one, utter a little gasp of surprise.

Be observant as if you were tying the shoelaces of 15 toddlers’ shoes so that none would trip and fall.

Be observant as if you were stationed next to the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, reminding thousands of people a day, who spend 15 seconds each staring at the painting, to move along.

When you bring attention to each moment, you remind yourself to be delighted by life. Life, that has become so routine and perhaps unpleasant at moments, now has a new filter. It might look like “Aden,” that new rose-colored filter on Instagram. (At least, mine does.) It might seem just a little bit more magical… or absurd.
When you add observation into your life, you discipline your mind to have fewer of “those days.” Not because you will away “those days,” but because you allow them in… and then see them out.