VataVata is the combination of the Elements Air and Ether. Below is a list of general qualities of Vata individuals and how they manifest.



  • Light, lean build, agile, often delicate in nature. Tall or short stature.
  • Prominent veins, bones and joints.
  • Facial features, limbs, fingers, etc. are long and slim.
  • Hair is thin, wiry, or curly. Dry, frizzy.
  • High pitched voice, often hoarse, raspy, or crackly. 
  • Dry or brittle skin, lips, hair, nails or bones. Fine pores.
  • Dry colon, tendency towards constipation.
  • Poor circulation, cold hands and feet, stiff muscles and joints.
  • Delicate body, goose bumps, fine twitching or tremors.
  • Avoids cold, seeks warmth.
  • Irregular eating, small appetites
  • Light sleeper, insomnia.
  • Energetic. on the go, fast walker and talker, multi-taskers
  • Bursts of energy, shorter stamina
  • Little perspiration
  • Sensitive to sound and touch

Mental/emotional :

  • Friendly, lively conversationalists.
  • Open to new ideas, quick to learn.
  • Intuitive, possibly clairvoyant.
  • Creative thinkers. Imaginative and enthusiastic
  • Active fantasy life, spacey, possibly introverted.
  • Short-term memory is stronger than long-term
  • Moods change quickly,(quick to anger but quick to forgive).
  • Restless, fidgety.
  • Subtle fears, anxiety, insecurity. 
  • Bursts of mental energy.
  • Fexible, accommoding, generous.
  • Very active, continuously changing lifestyle

“Vata regulates the principle of movement. Any bodily motion—chewing, swallowing, nerve impulses, breathing, muscle movements, thinking, peristalsis, bowel movements, urination, menstruation—requires balanced vata. When vata is out of balance, any number of these movements may be deleteriously affected.” Banyan Botanicals