Pitta is the combination of the Elements Fire and Water. Below is a general list of qualities of Pitta individuals and how they manifest.




  • Energetic
  • Medium build, average height and weight.
  • Physical features can be sharp, precise and well-defined.
  • Lustrous complexion, sensitive, combination skin.
  • Sound sleepers, need fewer hours of sleep
  • Bright, penetrating eyes.
  • Hair is often red or strawberry blond, silky and thin.
  • Nails are soft, pink and well formed.
  • Easily develop muscle tone.
  • Strong appetite with excellent digestion and metabolism.
  • Soft and warm to the touch.
  • Strong sex drive.
  • Clear, sharp, and precise speech.
  • Sensitive to bright light.


  • Fiery and passionate.
  • Sensitive and compassionate
  • Competitive drive, ambitious.
  • Great leader, pioneer, initiator.
  • Sharp, focussed, probing intellect.
  • Intellectual with warm personality
  • Can be perfectionistic, critical, irritable.
  • Visual, metaphorical and interpretive thinkers and learners.
  • Able to adapt 

Pitta pertains to fire and water elements. The Pitta Dosha governs metabolism which is the transformation of foods into nutrients.