Anahata (Heart Chakra Metta Poem) by Beth Beard


Breathing deeply as I journey up the path
A gentle breeze caressing me
The air flows through me with each breath I take

Reaching the vantage point I become still
Awareness permeates my healing heart
As it resonates with the beauty of the earth

Lungs expanding, heart expanding
Breathing in compassion and purity
Breathing out –releasing fears, self limitations

Sensing love, feeling connected
My soul is alive, no longer pulled back
Fears transcended as I let go…

Letting go of the pain, the hurts, the regrets
Forgiving others…
Forgiving myself

May I be happy
May I be well
May I be at peace

Choosing to embrace life and love deeply
Enriched with peace and compassion…
A deep sense of centeredness

In full surrender, my energy flows more freely
The petals of my softening heart open
Willingly vulnerable

Connecting with my true self, the seat of my soul
Love being my highest wisdom
My budding heart opening...opening

May you be happy
May you be well
May you be at peace

I can see the divine in everyone
We are all one. All is one
Eternal, complete balance

May we all be happy
May we all be well
May we all be at peace