About Your Sacral Chakra


The second (sacral) chakra is an energetic orange and is located in the pelvis. It is the center for pleasure, creativity and emotions. The message behind the sacral chakra is that ‘what we have and do is enough’. It governs our appetites for food, sex, and pleasure. It is tied with our sense of worthiness, and knowing we deserve pleasure, health, joy and abundance. This chakra is deeply connected with the emotional body, and our willingness and ability to feel our emotions.

A person with a balanced, healthy sacral chakra enjoys sexuality, sensuality, pleasure and joy without guilt or imbalance. There is a healthy connection to  emotions, able to relate to others with ease. Changes are accepted and we can move with fluidity through them.

An unbalanced sacral chakra may be accompanied by unhealthy feelings of shame, a sense of being wrong, flawed or bad within the inner essence of who we are. The source of such shame is often a result of projected emotions from others during childhood and once felt, we adopt these beliefs as our own. An unbalanced sacral chakra may include a sense of being stuck, unable to move forward. One may also have a hard time adapting and  flowing with the constant changes of life.

Those raised in an environment where emotions were repressed or pleasure denied are more likely to lack energy in this chakra. An under-active sacral chakra tends to leave one stiff, unemotional, closed from relating with people. One may be out of touch with their own emotions, unable to understand or express them well. There may be denial of pleasures, stern self imposed boundaries, and possibly healthy practices done in the extreme.

A person with an over-active sacral chakra may be overly emotional, have unhealthy emotional attachment to people, and often overly sexual. There may be issues with addiction, whether sexual, food, drugs, etc. One may be in a constant state of flux, unable to ground or set boundaries.

Sacral chakra questions for self-awareness:
Do I nurture myself? Do I feel allowed to nurture myself?
What are my desires for my mind? …my spirit? …my body? other desires?
What brings me pleasure? How does pleasure make me feel? Do I feel free to accept or shame and guilt?
Do I feel balanced emotionally? Am I able to acknowledge and express my feelings?
Do I feel deserving and worthy to express myself and experience healthy pleasures?

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