Svadisthana (Sacral chakra poem)

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Svadisthana (Sacral chakra poem)

Walking along the waters edge in the moonlight…. I see myself

All that I do is enough… no more striving. I am enough

I flow with the water…feeling my emotions

Unleashing my joy, my creativity, …my passions, my sensuality

Wildly radiant, I experience the sweetness and beauty in the world

I am emotionally open, fully connected

Dancing freely to the music of life….vibrating with each beat, each chord

And when the music cannot be heard, it gracefully rises from within…following the beat of my heart and flowing through my own veins

No restraints. No shame in desires. No guilt in pursuing and satisfying them

Freely being me, accepting myself, allowing myself to explore what truly brings pleasure to my core

Nurturing and nourishing all aspects of my self

Tasting and savoring spontaneous delight of simple pleasures

My eyes brighten, lips drawn into a sweet, inspired smile

I am liberated. I am empowered. I am expansive. I am Free

by Beth Beard