5 Pillars of Yogic Balance

5 pillarsThe five Pillars of Yogic Balance was developed by the Sivananda school of yoga to encourage us to embrace these essential elements for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. So every day, take a look and see whether you are being balanced by practicing these pillars:

Right Exercise: This is achieved by consistent yoga practice as well as other forms of exercise with good intention that make sense for your particular body, age, and state of health.
Right Breathing: This is cultivated by working towards awareness of the breath at all times and re-establishing the deep, natural breathing of a child, which energizes your whole being.
Right Thinking: This includes decluttering your mind of its scattered thoughts to gain a sense of clarity and calm and cultivating a positive attitude.
Right Nutrition:  Being aware of what you feed your body with-a good range of healthy, fresh and seasonal food in moderation while eating slowly and mindfully at the appropriate times.
Right Relaxation: This means taking time out to balance all the activity in your life with proper rest to maintain physical, emotional and mental relaxation throughout your entire being.