21 Day Challenge


In my yoga classes this week I am encouraging a 21 day challenge. If you would like to join me, reflect and think about what you would like to do. You choose your challenge. What habits would you like to establish? Pick something and make a commitment to work at it every day for 21 days. Here are some ideas:
•     cutting sugar
•     daily exercise
•     daily yoga practice
•     meditation
•     being free from TV
•     getting outside each day
•     eating healthier meals
•     oil pulling
•     daily spring cleaning

Imagine and visualize yourself following through. Write it on your calendar. Tell people about it and look for accountability and recruit friends to join you. Every time you follow through and succeed you create pathways in your brain that can deepen and create long lasting habits. Isn’t that wonderful? Our brains are amazing!

When you tell yourself it’s only for 21 days, you know that there is an end and the chosen change is not so daunting. It is also important here not to try to change too much at once. Pick one (or 2) things only. Narrow the focus for greater success.

Start small. For example: you don’t have to exercise for an hour each day. Decide to go for 10 minutes (maybe even 5). Create an environment for success and triumph. Build on it from there. Feel the satisfaction of knowing you followed through.

Write your goal out and record it on your calendar. Plan for it and make it a priority. Tell people about it. You may even want to get a group together to join you.

Let’s do this!!!